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In Defense of Processed Food

SandwhichHas some friend or some article ever told you to avoid processed foods?  Well, guess what. That would be almost impossible to do because most foods have been at least minimally processed before we purchase them or after we handle them at home. Even a cut-up watermelon is considered processed, but how often do you need or want to carry home a whole watermelon? 


Food scientist Dr. Catherine Cutter explains that, from the point of view of the USDA and FDA, “processed food” is any food that has been altered from its original form. She points out the following: “If you peel or cut an apple, you’ve processed it, although only minimally.  If you bake it or turn it into applesauce, you’ve processed it even more.  Bagged lettuce is also processed, and so is pasteurized milk.”

Eggies™ to the Rescue?

EggiesDo you burn your fingers trying to open the top of a soft-boiled egg?  Do pieces of eggshell drop into your gooey egg and need to be fished out?  Do you sometimes battle with hard-boiled eggs that just refuse to shed their shells (even after being soaked in cold water)?  Have you assumed that getting eggs in condition to eat would be a lifelong challenge, like getting your children to take your advice? Read on. Help may be on the way.

The Benefits of Slow, Mindful Eating

Eating on the ComputerGulping down breakfast while driving to work?  Eating lunch over your computer keyboard? Devouring dinner in front of the 6 p.m. TV News?  Proud of yourself for your efficient use of time?  Yes, I know. You’ve been told that multi-tasking is the key to success in this busy world.  But, if one of the tasks involved is eating, you may be making a mistake.  No, it’s not because eating will distract you from doing the task correctly (though maybe it will) ;  rather, it’s because, according to recent research and ancient philosophy, distraction interferes with getting maximum benefits from eating.  It could be called “mindless eating,” as opposed to the “mindful eating” recommended by both nutritionists and Buddhists.

Tofu: Water Regularly, Consume Promptly

tofu shelf lifeTofu is one of the most multi-purpose grocery items out there.  It’s a handy stir-fry ingredient, and an inspiration for many an intriguing dish. In addition, there’s a tofu-based substitute for practically any food you could name. What you may not have guessed, though, is that, because it is made by coagulating soy milk (which makes it, one supposes, sort of the soy equivalent of cheese), it is also highly perishable and should be stored with care, particularly after opening.

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