Apple Juice, Apple Cider

Thousands of varieties of apples are found in Europe and North America. In the U.S. alone, 2,500 varieties are grown. Several kinds of apples are used to make juice and cider. So what, many people ask, is the difference between these two products? It turns out that the answer depends upon where you live. Whether you drink apple juice or cider, look for the small print that says “pasteurized,” your assurance that the product won’t make you ill.

Apple Juice and Apple Cider Shelf Life
Bottled Apple Juice, Apple Cider- -6 days
Canned Apple Juice, Apple Cider*9 months6 days
Handling Tips: 
*The shelf life in the refrigerator refers to an opened can of Apple Juice/Cider.
Keep cool
Keep fruit juice tightly covered
Transfer canned juice to glass or plastic container if not used up in one day
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