Canned Vegetables

Canned Vegetables Shelf Life
Canned Vegetables, opened- -3-5 days
Canned Vegetables, unopened*1 year- -
Canned Pickled Vegetables, opened- -1-2 months
Canned Pickled Vegetables, unopened*1 year- -
Canned Pickles, opened- -1 month
Canned Pickles, unopened1 year- -
Handling Tips: 
* Refrigerate after opening.
Many sources say that low-acid canned vegetables (which includes most of them) may be safe to use for 2-5 years if the can remains in good condition, with no major dents, no rust, no bulging, and no spurting of liquid when opened. However, quality (taste, vitamin content, etc.) may deteriorate with time.
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Northampton County Cooperative Extension "Food Safety--Is It Still Good To Eat?"

Specific Canned Vegetables Products


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