Yogurt can be enjoyed in just about any form—as a frozen, unfrozen, as a major ingredient in a beverage and even (mostly in Asia) as a type of cheese. Originally an Asian product, in the 20th century yogurt became so popular in the western world that it’s now considered a staple in the West as well.


Yogurt is made from a mixture of pasteurized milk, flavorings, seasonings, stabilizers, emulsifiers, and acid cultures. Flavors and varieties abound. Most yogurt contains beneficial bacterial cultures that aid digestion of the product itself and promote a healthy intestinal environment.


Yogurt Shelf Life
Yogurt2 weeks1-2 months
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can yogurt last 3 vweeks past sell by date

Hi! We contacted our shelf life guru, Ethel Tiersky and she suggested checking out these articles for more specific info: 



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