Of the plastic products used to store, heat, or eat with (wraps, bags, containers, silverware, plates, etc.), which contain BPA?

By Susan Brewer, Ph.D., University of Illinois,
Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

Some containers (such as baby bottles and beer, soup, vegetable and soda cans) were manufactured from polycarbonate (denoted by the number 7 inside the recycle triangle on the label or on the bottom of the container) using BPA. When safety concerns about BPA arose, many manufacturers voluntarily changed their processes or switched to other types of plastic for packaging. The following plastic products do not container BPA:
Plastic resin (PET or PETA, number 1) is now used to manufacture baby bottles.
High density polyethylene is used to manufacture toys (HDPE, number 2).
Poly vinyl chloride is used to manufacture plastic wraps (PVC, number 4).
Polypropylene is used to manufacture margarine and yogurt containers (PP, number 5). Polystyrene is used in egg cartons (PS, number 6).
You can check the numbers on plastic bottles and containers your foods are packaged in. If the numbers are 3 or 7, the product does contain BPA.
Plastic Water Containers.net - “BPA Free Water Bottles” Jason Matthews.

A correction to the above list: Polyvinyl chloride, PVC, is recycle symbol 3, low density polyethylene, LDPE, is recycle symbol 4


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