Hard and Semi-Hard Cheese

Here's a handy rule of thumb: The harder the cheese, the longer it keeps. This is why hard cheeses  such as Parmesan keep so much longer than soft cheeses such as brie. It's also why hard cheeses keep longer than semi-hard ones such as Swiss.
Hard and Semi-Hard Cheese Shelf Life
Swiss Cheese, opened- -3-4 weeks- -
Swiss Cheese, unopened- -3-6 months6 months
Cheddar Cheese, opened- -3-4 weeks- -
Cheddar Cheese, unopened- -3-6 months6 months
Parmesan Grated Cheese, opened*2 months- -- -
Parmesan Grated Cheese, unopened9 months- -- -
Handling Tips: 
*For best quality, refrigerate after opening.
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