Are Organic Methods More Humane to Animals?


Every year in the U.S., about ten billion animals—including chickens, pigs, turkeys, cows, and others—are killed for human consumption. That alone does not sound very humane, at least to a vegetarian. But assuming one is a meat-eater, the question an animal-lover might ask is this: “How are the animals treated while alive?”


“There is a misconception that ‘organic’ implies more humane treatment of the animal itself,” says The USDA organic label indicates what the animal was fed, not how it was treated.


PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an animal rights organization) claims that living conditions for organically-raised animals (as for conventionally-raised animals) can be filthy, but, as long as the animals are fed organic feed, their meat can be labeled organic. According to PETA, many organic and free-range farms cram thousands of animals together in sheds or mud-filled lots…and the animals often suffer through the same mutilations,--such as dehorning and castration—that occur on factory farms. Most animals on organic and free-range farms are still transported through all weather extremes. NowPublic points out that organic cows can remain up to 28 hours in a transport vehicle without being given food and water.


However, says the National Cooperative Grocers Association, some products labeled “organic,” “hormone-free” and “free-range” are associated with humane farming practices. The National Organic Program (NOP) requires that facilities be inspected and that animals be allowed outdoors,i.e., be exposed to daylight. 


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