In terms of supermarket sales, pork has always placed a poor third behind  beef and chicken. One
reason is that most households have tended to cook chops and other fresh pork to the consistency of a hockey puck in order to safeguard against trichinosis. Fact is, the parasite Trichinella spiralis is destroyed at temperatures well below those generally recommended for cooking pork.
Others reject fresh pork as bland, a complaint that manufacturers have sought to address by providing recipes and cooking tips on product packaging. Pork has also been marketed as the other white meat. Processors like the comparison with chicken because chicken is generally regarded as a healthy protein. You can take the red out of the name but not the meat. Ad campaigns notwithstanding, pork is a red meat.
Pork Shelf Life
Pork Variety Meats (giblets, tongue, liver, heart, etc.)1-2 days3-4 months
Fresh Pork Chops2-3 days4-6 months
Pork Roasts2-4 days- -
Pork Steaks2-3 days- -
Pork Stew Meat1-2 days- -
Pork Ground Meat1-2 days3 months
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