Sausage and Frankfurters

Hot DogHow are sausages made? Word on the street is—you don’t want to know!


Sausages are made and served in at least six continents, made from meats and seasonings that are easily obtained locally and, often, cheaply. They usually consist of cheap cuts of meat,  animal organs, fat, and other animal parts that are otherwise discarded. They are ground, cured, seasoned, and stuffed into a cylindrical casing, mostly organic such as animal intestine.


In the U.S., the most popular sausage is the hot dog, otherwise called a frankfurter. Grillers also like Polish sausage and bratwurst, made largely of pork and pork products. Popular in Scotland is haggis, which is made from sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs,  seasonings, and fillings and simmered in the sheep’s stomach for approximately three hours.


Sausage should be eaten sparingly because most contain large quantities of fat, including saturated fat and sodium. If you are concerned about the fat content, try those made with turkey or chicken.



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Sausage Shelf Life
Bologna and Frankfurters, unopened- -2 weeks1-2 months
Bologna and Frankfurters, opened*- -3-7 days- -
Dry Smoked Sausage (e.g. Pepperoni, Jerky, Dry Salami), unopened1 year- -- -
Semi-Dry Sausage (e.g. Summer Sausage)- -2-3 weeks6 months
Smoked Sausage (e.g. Mettwurst)- -1 week1-2 months
Smoked Breakfast Sausage Links, Patties- -1 week2 months
Fresh Sausage- -1-2 days1-2 months
Dry Smoked Sausage (e.g. Pepperoni, Jerky, Dry Salami), opened- -1 month- -
Handling Tips: 
Hot dogs can be boiled, broiled, braised, baked, grilled, fried, or steamed in beer or any other liquid.
When cooking hot dogs or sausages, don't puncture them. (Use tongs, not a fork, to handle them.) Puncturing them results in some juices leaking out, and that makes the product tough and dry.
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