We'll admit right off the bat, there's not a lot of information available out there with regard to long-term storage and "expiration" of hard liquors. Perhaps this is because it simply goes without saying that these items, due to their alcohol content, are generally so enduring that worrying about if/when they go bad is wasted effort. Or perhaps this is because most people who buy these items tend to consume them so quickly that it never crosses anyone's mind to wonder about expiration, and the minority who actually would keep a bottle of liquor for a long time are probably such infrequent drinkers that they couldn't really weigh in with any credibility about whether or not the taste has been affected over time. Whatever the case, this is a fairly simple and uncontroversial topic within which we found little or no disagreements among the relatively small chorus.


Liquor Shelf Life
Liquor, unopenedIndefinite Shelf Life
Source(s): - "Liquor Storage"

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