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The Benefits of Slow, Mindful Eating

Eating on the ComputerGulping down breakfast while driving to work?  Eating lunch over your computer keyboard? Devouring dinner in front of the 6 p.m. TV News?  Proud of yourself for your efficient use of time?  Yes, I know. You’ve been told that multi-tasking is the key to success in this busy world.  But, if one of the tasks involved is eating, you may be making a mistake.  No, it’s not because eating will distract you from doing the task correctly (though maybe it will) ;  rather, it’s because, according to recent research and ancient philosophy, distraction interferes with getting maximum benefits from eating.  It could be called “mindless eating,” as opposed to the “mindful eating” recommended by both nutritionists and Buddhists.

From Purchase to Storage, Tips on Extending Shelf Life

Grocery ShoppingThe average American wastes more than 200 pounds of food a year, says the Consumer Reports ShopSmart magazine.  The Vegetarian Times website says, “Americans throw out 25% of the produce we buy because it’s gone bad.” What a pity! Ever wish you had a magic wand that could keep your food purchases safe and tasty until you’ve consumed the very last morsel or drop? It would be nice, but you don’t really need that wand.  If you select foods carefully, get your perishables home and refrigerated promptly, and wrap and store foods appropriately, you can extend the shelf life of your food purchases and thereby cut down on grocery shopping trips and food bills.

FAQs about Ground Beef, Seasonings, Olive Oil, Lemon Wedges, and Fish

ground beefJudging by the questions sent to health websites and publications, it seems that the more consumers learn about food safety, the more anxiety they have related to this ingrained habit we have of eating.

The Right Care for Your Dishwasher and Microwave

Dishwasher getting vinegar treatmentFor the dishwasher or microwave to get our attention, it usually has to stop working.  But that shouldn't be the case. If we don't treat our appliances with care, they are likely to mistreat us. Does a dishwasher need cleaning? If so, why and how? What shouldn't be heated in a microwave? Below are responses to these questions and other important matters concerning these appliances from 3 scientists who serve on our site's Advisory Board and from companies that manufacture these appliances.


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