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Four FAQs about cold-brew coffee, ceramic pans, climate change, and kidney cancer

Cold Bre Iced Coffe StarbucksFAQ#1: Is cold-brew  coffee really any better than other methods of making coffee?  Consumer Reports says it is. Cold-brew coffee makes sense on a certain level. Heat destroys some flavors, denatures proteins, and accelerates chemical reactions.

Tips on Keeping Your Summer Fruits Flavorful and Healthful

Fresh Fruit

Summertime encourages almost everyone to eat more fresh fruit.  After all, the variety seems infinite, the berries are at their best, the prices are inviting, and the fruits look scrumptious. In keeping with the season, ShelfLifeAdvice offers the following tips—from storage to handling to (of course) shelf life—to help you enjoy a fruitful summer. 

Farmers' Markets: Why They're So Popular; How to Find One Near Your Home

Farmers' Market

In 1994, when the Department of Agriculture first began publishing a list of farmers' markets in the U.S., the figure was 1,755. By 2011, it was 7,175, and, by August 2012, the number of markets had increased an additional 9.6% to 7,864.  The August 2013 figure was 8,144, a 3.6% increase  above the preceding year.   Growth in the number of markets is slowing down, but it's still ongoing. In 2015, the total was 8,476. 

Ethylene and Produce: Friends or Foes?

applesBuying a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables these days?  Then it's well worth knowing something about ethylene. "What's ethylene?" some may ask.  It's a plant hormone that fruits and vegetables produce naturally as they ripen.  Reducing exposure to ethylene slows the natural ripening, thereby extending produce shelf life.  The problem is that, like many gases, it's sneaky--invisible and odorless.  Nevertheless, you can infer its presence and control it to some extent.

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