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Make Food Safety a Priority This Fall

WASHINGTON, August 15, 2017 —

How to Cure a Headache and Other Useful Food and Drink Tips

kiwiLife's physical or mental ailments--even temporary or minor ones--can ruin a beautiful day or evening.  Below, find possible answers to some common vexing questions about these: What annoyance may kiwi successfully treat?  What can I consume to cure a headache or treat nausea? What type of foods may help me reduce depression?  To perk up my low-salt diet, what herbs and spices will do the trick for which foods?

Humans Eating Insects (Entomophagy)--Could You? Would You? Why?

Worm"Entomophagy" is a combination of two Greek words; the first part means "insect;" the second means "eat."  (An easier and funnier name for bugs harvested for human consumption is "micro-livestock.")


Groceries that could outlive you; groceries that could keep you alive

Suppose you're middle-aged now.  Suppose the shelf-life of some of your food is  60 years. Your food might still look and taste good when your descendants feast on it.  Not all food can last that long, but, when properly processed and stored, can last for decades.  


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