Power Outage? Here’s What to Do with All That Food in the Fridge

FridgeBrutal rainstorms, flooding, hurricanes, and snowstorms can all leave you with no electricity and a fridge and freezer full of food.  All those “f”s and no electricity may cause you to think of another word beginning with “f,” but swearing won’t help.  Instead, go to the link below for advice on what to do in  either of these situations:


1) when you have some warning beforehand that a natural disaster is coming, and

2) when you don’t. 


These trustworthy tips from the USDA will help you salvage some of your perishable edibles and make the  natural disaster a bit less of a financial disaster for your food budget. 


For advice on which refrigerated foods should be discarded, click here.


Very helpful information


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