Is Stainless Steel Cookware a Good Choice?

Dr. Bowser: Stainless steel is the best material for cookware in terms of price and availability and for corrosion resistance and appearance. Unfortunately, it is a relatively poor conductor of heat and is more difficult to machine when compared to many other metals. Most manufacturers overcome the problem of conductivity by cladding a copper or aluminum core with a thin layer of stainless steel skin. This works especially well for the main heat transfer surface (the bottom of the pan).


Clemson University: Manufacturers caution against allowing acidic or salty foods to remain in stainless steel for long periods.  Although there are no known health hazards from leaching of the metal, undissolved salt will stain the steel surfaces.




Timothy J. Bowser, Ph.D.  Oklahoma State University, Dept. of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering


Clemson Cooperative Extension, Clemson University “Cookware Safety”



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