Lobster, shrimp, and other shellfish are sometimes called bottom feeders, but they're tops among consumers who prefer their seafood rich, tasty, exotic, and, yes, healthful. Despite its reputation as a guilty pleasure, shellfish is anything but. In fact, shellfish is surprisingly low in fat and cholesterol. Three ounces of crab contain just 100 calories--and 20 grams of lean protein to boot.




Shellfish Shelf Life
Crab2 days3 months
Clams, in shell2 days3 months
Clams, shucked4-5 days3-6 months
Crawfish1-2 days3-6 months
Lobster, in shell2 days3 months
Oysters4-5 days3-4 months
Oysters, shucked1 day- -
Scallops4-5 days3-4 months
Scallops, shucked1 day- -
Shrimp4-5 days1 year
Shrimp, shucked1 day- -
Squid1-2 days3-6 months
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Specific Shellfish Products


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