Peas and Beans

Iowa is the leading producer of corn, California the leading producer of peas and shell beans.


Shell beans include fava, soybeans, and limas. Other popular bean types include green, snap, yellow wax, and scarlet runner.


Three types of peas reach their seasonal peak in spring: Sugar snap peas have edible pods filled with plump, sweet peas. Snow peas have flat, edible pods and are harvested young, before the peas inside fully form. Garden peas are generally regarded as standard peas and are used for canning and freezing. The pods, however, are inedible.


Sweet corn can be yellow, white, or a combination of the two. Kernel color has no effect on sweetness.

Peas and Beans Shelf Life
Snap Beans1 week- -
Lima Beans3-5 days8 months
Green Peas3-5 days8 months
Green Beans1-2 days8 months
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