What Brands of Cookware are Recommended by Experts?

Dr. Bowser: These are some of the brands I like:


Some of the Revere Ware cookware meets my basic requirements and is fairly inexpensive. [For Dr. Bowser’s basic requirements, see “What Features Should You Look for When Selecting Cookware?”] The 7-piece tri-ply set (REV1017) is under $100 at discount sellers.


Nordic Ware is made in the U.S.A. and the company is committed to sustainability.  Nordic Ware makes an excellent enameled steel skillet (Texas skillet 14321) and the company’s lines of Pro Cast aluminum nonstick skillets are fantastic. The Nordic Ware Rangeware 8-piece set (12225) makes a very nice, starter cookware set. Nordic Ware is available at many discount sellers.


All-Clad is beautiful, made in the U.S.A., and high quality. The company also has an excellent reputation, rave reviews, and a wide selection of products. I get put off by the exposed rivets though.


Lincoln-Wearever makes a Ceramiguard line of rivetless fry pans that are reliable and heavy-duty. They come in 7 to 14” diameter models and are formed of aluminum alloy with a nonstick coating. Prices are reasonable, too.


A number of companies market very high-quality cookware products by direct sales (typically very pricey):


Ameramaid,  Americraft, Classica, Cutco, Lifetime Cookware, New Era, and Royal Queen are manufacturers of stainless cookware that have traditional styling and a beautiful, appearance. All of their products are U.S.A. made and as far as I know, have no exposed rivets or rolled edges.


Diamond Craft, which also sells its products strictly on-line, has better pricing than the brands listed above.


Health Craft, Neova Cookware, and Vita Craft are additional high quality brands that sell direct and online and are not high-priced. Prices for the Vita Craft cookware at the company’s on-line factory outlet are outstanding.


Shelf Life Advice Editor:  Consumersearch recommends these: Cuisinart Chef’s Classic stainless Cookware, All-Clad Stainless Cookware, Emerilware Hard-Anodized Cookware and EarthPan Hard-Anodized Cookware.  To find out what features each of these products possesses, click here: http://www.consumersearch.com/cookware


Prevention recommends 360 Cookware, which promises more flavorful meals with less fat and in less time.  “These pots and pans use vapor cooking, which captures your food’s natural liquid as it vaporizes so you don’t need to add oil or butter.”  Prevention tested this cookware and found fish and chicken “amazingly good” when prepared in 360 cookware. However, prices start at $80. 




Timothy J. Bowser, Ph.D.  Oklahoma State University, Dept. of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering


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Consumersearch “Cookware: Reviews”



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