Can chemicals leach unto food from plastic wrap or containers?

Not when the food is going into the fridge. “The structure of plastic starts to break down with heating,” explains food scientist Dr.  Karin Allen.  “If you heat a plastic product, even one that’s BPA-free, it may leach.  If the plastic melts or warps, throw the food away.”


According to food scientist Joe Regenstein, many films have chemicals that are meant to migrate. They are safe and migrate more slowly in the refrigerator.


In January, 2010, the FDA released a report indicating some concern about BPA (Bisphenol-A, a chemical found in many products made of hard plastic) from plastics having an adverse effect on health.  ABC World News reported that plastics containing BPA are usually marked with the number 7 on the bottom.


For more information on plastics used for food and beverages, click here:  You’ll find many links concerning plastics on this page. 




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