Potatoes sometimes get a bum rap because they are high in carbohydrates. Despite the carbs, potatoes aren't fattening. In fact, a 6-oz. potato contains only 110 calories. Potatoes are also extremely nutritious. If your entire diet consisted of potatoes, you would get all the riboflavin, 1 1/2 times the iron, 3-4 times the thiamin and niacin, and more than 10 times the amount of vitamin C your body needs.

Potatoes Shelf Life
Instant Potatoes6-12 months- -
White PotatoesUp To 1 month1-3 weeks
Sweet Potatoes2-3 weeks- -
Handling Tips: 
Store in pantry at about 55 degrees or refrigerate. For more about storage, see Q/A "How should white raw potatoes be stored?
Store in cool, dark place. Direct sunlight causes the skin and flesh of raw white potatoes to turn green. Green skins are toxic; green flesh tastes bitter.
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Susan Brewer, Ph.D., University of Illinois, Department of Food Safety and Human Nutrition

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