Bananas, claims the Chiquita Banana website, are “the world’s favorite fruit.”  Today, we’re told, there are about 400 varieties.  You may remember Chiquita Banana’s catchy little ditty (once sung on radio and TV by an animated banana and later by a real woman).  It warned listeners, “DON’T PUT BANANAS IN THE REFRIGERATOR.”  Well, believe it or not, Chiquita’s website now recommends that people do just that.  Their explanation: the no-refrigeration stance was because the company feared consumers  would put not-yet-ripe bananas in  the refrigerator.  That’s a no-no since it stops ripening cold.  So is refrigeration really good for this tropical fruit?  You may need to experiment yourself to get the right answer for your household.

Bananas Shelf Life
Bananas*2-3 days5 days
Handling Tips: 
*until ripened, then refrigerate
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