Pasta Sauces

Time was, processed pasta sauce came in two varieties, meat and meatless. Period. Sauces were red and contained few, if any, whole mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, or garlic. All of that has changed, thanks to new processing technologies that also laid the groundwork for dairy-based varieties, as well as varieties that  contain shrimp and other seafood. If you're in the mood for a change, check out specialty stores such as Trader Joe's, though conventional supermarkets also have begun stocking their shelves with a wider variety of pasta sauces. 

Pasta Sauce Shelf Life
Tomato Pasta Sauce, opened3-14* days
Tomato Pasta Sauce, unopened9-12 months
Handling Tips: 
Refrigerate and cover tightly; to avoid metallic taste, transfer foods in cans to glass or plastic storage containers, if kept more than one day.
For other opinions on how long to keep the open jar, see
"Cupboard Storage Chart." K-State Research and Extension n. pag. Web. 23 Dec 2009.

University of Illinois "Food Shelf-Life Recommendations"

A jar of Prego says it's good 14 days in the refrigerator after opening. Where do you get 3 days from?

A plain tomato-based sauce might last 14 days, but if it has a lot of dairy in it (for example, Alfredo sauce) or meat, stay with the 3-day limit or call the manufacturer for advice.

You can usually find the phone number of the manufacturer on the container. If not, the website will be there. Click on "Contact Us" or "About Us," and you'' probably find a phone number. Ask for customer service, to get answers to shelf life questions about open products.


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