Ham and Bacon

Ham shelf lifeA springtime favorite, the ever-versatile ham may be fresh, cured, or cured and smoked, depending on how it is processed. Varieties abound, from canned and dry-cured to fresh, wet-cured and more. Some can be eaten without cooking, and others can't. Consumers who like variety won't be disappointed, but they may find themselves confused about proper handling and storage. Be sure to read the "safe handling" panel on the packaging.
Ham and Bacon Shelf Life
Fully Cooked Ham, opened- -1 week- -
Fully Cooked Ham, unopened- -2 weeks- -
Dry-Cured Ham- -1 month- -
Ham, whole- -1 week1-2 months
Canned Ham, opened- -1 week- -
Canned Ham, unopened2 years- -- -
Canned Ham, cured or smoked, unopened- -6 months- -
Ham Salad- -3-5 days- -
Bacon, opened- -1 week- -
Bacon, unopened- -2 weeks1 month
Bacon Bits4 months- -- -
Cured Bacon- -1 week- -
Smoked Bacon- -1 week- -
Handling Tips: 
Freezing cured meats is not recommended. Saltiness encourages rancidity. If frozen, use within a month.
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