Hummus, a Middle-Eastern dip made from mashed chick peas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic, is relatively new to the United States, but is already undergoing alterations to extend its shelf life. Time was, hummus required refrigeration and lasted for just a matter of days. Newer brands not only keep for up to 18 months but can be safely stored in the pantry. The reason? These brands are pasteurized and contain either artificial or natural preservatives.
Hummus Shelf Life
Pasteurized Hummus, unopened*3-18 months- -
Unpasteurized Hummus with Perservatives, unopened2 months- -
Hummus with No Artificial Perservatives, opened7 days- -
Homemade Hummus2-7 days2 months
Tribe Hummus, opened 7 days- -
Cedars Hummus, opened7 days- -
Handling Tips: 
*The 3-18 months range depends upon the brand and ingredients used.
Hummus can be frozen, but the consistency may change when it's thawed. If too dry, adding olive oil may help.
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