Bread and Bread Products

Perhaps no other food staple comes in such infinite varieties as bread. There's wheat, rye, white, French, and that's just for starters. Today, fresh artisan breads are all the rage, as are natural and organic varieties. Artisan breads are loaves exposed to steam while baking, a technique developed in Vienna, Austria. The results are a moist interior and shiny surface that is crustier and chewier. Natural and organic breads appeal to consumers who don't care for preservatives or who don't believe they are healthful. However, natural and organic don't have as long a shelf life as conventional varieties.  
Bread and Bread Products Shelf Life
Bread5-7 days1-2 weeks3 months
Bread Rolls, unbaked- -2-3 weeks1 month
Bread Crumbs and Croutons6 months- -- -
Matzos2.5 years- -- -
Handling Tips: 
Refrigerate after opening
Take out after refrigerating
Matzos should be kept in the pantry. To increase crispness, bake matzos in a 325°F-350°F oven for 3-4 minutes.
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