Dry processed pasta generally isn't subject to bacterial or mold growth because it lacks the moisture required for such organisms to thrive. Cooked pasta may be another matter, depending on how it is stored and how long it is kept. All perishables have their limits, even when refrigerated in airtight containers.
Pasta Shelf Life
Pasta2 years
Handling Tips: 
Once opened, store in airtight container.
Dried pasta must be kept away from moisture. Any dried good exposed to water becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, according to Kathleen Thomas, communications manager for the Food Marketing Institute.
"Old" pasta can be detected by its gummy flavor when cooked, and it may also be discolored.
When dried egg pasta gets old, it starts to smell because the small amount of fat it contains is going rancid, according to Daniel Carlin, director of quality assurance at Ronzoni Macaroni Company.
Ronzoni pasta is given a use-by date 2 years from manufacture, but Carlin says it would be safe to eat after 3 years.
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Chow "How Long Can Dried Pasta Be Stored?"

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