What’s better for wrapping food—plastic or aluminum foil?

For many foods, it doesn’t matter. Either one can protect foods well. When that’s the case, use plastic because it has these advantages: 1) it’s transparent, so you can see what’s inside; and 2) it’s less expensive.  Aluminum foil will work better if  the food needs more protection. (Think, for example, of a sandwich made on soft bread that you’re carrying to work).  For covering food in the oven and lining the oven pan, of course aluminum foil is the product to use.  For freezing, the best option is plastic freezer bags or plastic containers.  If you use aluminum foil for freezing, use nonstick aluminum foil, or wrap the product in plastic wrap first and then in aluminum foil. Regular foil sometimes sticks to food and can be difficult to remove.



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