Milk, Lactose-Free

Shelf life information about lactose free milkBetween 30-50 million Americans suffer from the cramps, bloat, nausea, and other inglorious symptoms of lactose intolerance. The inability to digest lactose, a complex milk sugar, is most prevalent among premature babies, African Americans, Native Americans, and Asian populations, but it’s a problem for many Caucasian American adults as well.

 Lactose-free milk is created by adding a natural lactase enzyme to regular milk to break down the complex lactose sugar into more easily digested sugars, without robbing the milk of its nutritional value.  

Why, users often ask, does it stay fresh longer than regular milk?  The following Q/As  answer  this question and others about this product. 

Lactose Free Milk Shelf Life
Milk, Lactose Free5-7 days
The FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition’s A-Z Reference Guide Jennifer Minder, Manager, Communications, McNeil Nutritionals, LLC (produces LACTAID® lactose-free milk)

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