Frozen Meals and TV Dinners

Because employees are often strapped for time, frozen entrées have become as popular in the workplace as at home. The majority of them can be quickly and easily heated in a microwave oven. If the entrée begins to thaw because of an unusually long commute, cook it immediately when you get to work to avoid problems with bacterial growth. Then refrigerate it and reheat once you're ready to eat.  

Frozen Meals and TV Dinners Shelf Life
Frozen Poultry Dinners- -6 months
Frozen Seafood Dinners- -18 months
Frozen Pork Dinners*- -18 months
Frozen Beef Dinners*- -18 months
Tacos, Enchiladas, and Burritos2 weeks1 year
Handling Tips: 
*Some sources suggest keeping beef and pork-based dinners only 3-4 months for good quality. (Frozen foods that were safe to eat when frozen remain safe indefinitely.) Check the "use by" dates on these products to enjoy them while they're at their best.
Boyer, Renee, and Julie McKinney. "Food Storage Guidelines for Consumers." Virginia Cooperative Extension (2009): n. pag. Web. 7 Dec 2009.

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