Organization of this Site

Information on this site is presented in three formats:

  1. Introductory paragraphs, tables, and Q/As on a wide range of edible products;
  2. TIPS on matters related to safe, protective food handling;
  3. FAQs ranging from stand-alone pieces of information about food to several FAQs concerning the same food-related topic.

The first section listed above is the largest of the three.  Information on food products is provided at three different levels of specificity.  The broadest is the product category level (example: fruit).  Next is the product type level (examples: fresh fruit or cooked fruit).  Third is the product level, the most specific level (examples: applesauce or jelly, jam, and preserves).   At the product level, you’ll find a list of Q/As (usually 10-15 of these) that provide information about the proper storage, handling, and (if relevant) cooking  of the specific food item to keep it safe and tasty to eat.  


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