FAQs on Freezing Food

To Freeze or Not to Freeze and Related Questions

FreezerYour freezer is a staunch ally in the fight against food spoilage and waste. But to get the most shelf life out of the products you freeze and to avoid spoiling products that don’t react well to the freeze/defrost process, you need some know-how.  The following FAQs, answered by our Advisory Board scientists and other reliable sources, will give you a lot of the info you may need.


Q. Some people say that anything but lettuce can be frozen.  Is that true?


A. You can freeze anything.  No freezer policeman is guarding the door.  The question is this: how will it taste or look when defrosted (and perhaps reheated)? The list of items for which freezing is not recommended is rather long.  Food scientist Dr. Catherine Cutter got us started by mentioning lettuce, sour cream, and some other cream sauces.  If you do freeze sour cream or cream sauces, when defrosted, they may be usable for cooking but not for company.

How should food be handled and wrapped for freezing?

In a word: tightly. That’s important for keeping out oxygen that can cause freezer burn, which results in dried out, poor quality food. Freezer bags are your best choice in most cases. For detailed tips on how to handle various types of foods you want to freeze (moist foods and liquids, pre-wrapped meat and poultry, fresh vegetables and fruits, bakery items, and dairy products), click here: http://shelflifeadvice.com/tips/how-wrap-foods-freezer


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