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Going Away for All or Part of the Winter? Prepare Your Kitchen for your Absence


If you’re going to be vacationing away from home for a few weeks or even months, lucky you!  But you won’t feel so lucky if you come home to a smelly or germ-laden refrigerator and a freezer with a sticky mess of melted ice cream. When considering the proper way to prepare your kitchen for your absence, consider your answers to these questions:

Preserve the Taste of Summer by Canning—But Do It Safely

CanningAs summer, 2017 all too quickly slips into the past, you (and everyone else except the skiers)  are wishing you could savor summer  all through winter.  In a way, you can.  All that delicious produce in your supermarket (or, better yet, in your garden) is just waiting to jump into jars and remain in suspended animation until some snowy day when you long for fresh-like fruit.  Yes, truly fresh fruit appears in the supermarkets in winter, too but at exorbitant prices and with diminished taste.  The long journey from who-knows-where to your supermarket jacks up the price and diminishes the flavor; the produce grows too old and tired to retain its just-grown taste.  Canning is one inexpensive way to feed the year-round urge for produce that tastes great. Furthermore, you know your own canned goods won’t have preservatives, color additives, or other chemicals you may not want to consume.

Summer Party Tips: Baby Carrots (Using for Dips) Hot Dogs (Ditching the Guilt), and Watermelon (Finding a Ripe One)

watermelon, carrotsSummer parties often involve dipping, grilling, and happily biting into fresh fruit. Here are some useful things to know about those mini-carrots perfect for dipping into guacamole or hummus, those hot dogs sizzling invitingly on the grill, and that giant watermelon waiting to be sliced. Nothing shouts summer quite as loudly as these foods.  Let's answer some FAQs about these ubiquitous treats.  Note: some questions express concerns about harmful substances in these beloved edibles. 

New Year’s Resolutions For a Safer Kitchen

Rinsing Food Can’t think of any new year’s resolutions because you’re already just about perfect? Shelf Life Advice to the rescue!  Here are some resolutions to obey and even post in your kitchen.  You may already have these posted in your brain if you’ve been an attentive Shelf Life Advice reader for the past few years.  In that case, post them for others who may be preparing food in your kitchen.  These pieces come from indisputably reliable sources—our Advisory Board scientists, government sites, and other food safety experts who have provided content for Shelf Life Advice.

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