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A Slave To Chocolate

cocoa beans From Valentine’s Day well past Easter, most of us cannot avoid the scent and resist the taste of chocolate.  It’s prominently displayed in stores; we buy it and/or receive it as a gift; once the box is open, the candies just seem to pop out of their designated squares and into our mouths. Then the guilt sets in.  For some people, guilt relates to cholesterol or weight worries.  Others have pangs of social conscience because they’ve heard that consumers of chocolate are actually supporting slavery.

The Latest News about Eggs

Eggs--could you get through a week without cooking with or consuming at least one?    Probably not--unless you're a lacto-vegetarian or  a vegan and deliberately avoid eggs for a dietary reason.

What foods are healthy? Do you know? Does anyone?

SodaAre you eating foods and drinking beverages that are likely to decrease your risk of illness and lengthen your life?  I'll bet you're not sure. Of course, you know that too much sugar (especially added sugar), salt, and fat (especially saturated fat) are not good for you. You know that a diet  long on plant food and short on food from animals is healthier than the reverse.

FAQs about that Ubiquitous Fall Favorite, the Pumpkin

pumpkinRecently, have you noticed a lot of happy, orange faces smiling at you?  They're everywhere in October--standing proudly in front of houses, grinning from people's lawns, and shining candlelight through windows at night. No self-respecting publication or TV news (or food) show gets through autumn without discussing and depicting lavish Halloween decorations, gigantic pumpkin contest winners, and scrumptious pumpkin pie recipes to serve after the Thanksgiving turkey. Let's learn more about pumpkins. What are they? How big can they grow? What foods can we make with them?  Are they nutritious?  And, finally, what's actually in that can labeled "100% pure pumpkin"?

New GMO Law! Is Everybody Happy? Of Course Not!

Non-GMOA new GMO labeling law--which activists have been clamoring for--has finally been passed by both Houses of Congress and been signed by the President. In general, it will require the food industry to let consumers know which foods contain GMOs and which do not.  This act has been referred to as a compromise. Compromises do not make everyone happy, and sometimes make no one happy. Therefore, we probably haven't heard the end of the GMO debates. 

Where Foodborne Illness Begins… and the New Federal Rules Designed to Help Prevent It.

September is National Food Safety Education Month, a time to focus on questions like: Where does the contamination that causes foodborne illness begin? If you guessed “in the kitchen,” you’d be missing a big part of the picture. Although disease detectives can discover germs and toxins from contaminated food that has made people sick in the kitchens of private homes and restaurants—these places are not necessarily where harmful viruses and bacteria enter the food.

Do we need a new system for food dates? Why?

Quaker OatsA new federal law for dating foods has been proposed.  I think the general response from the public has been, "It's about time."  But it will take a lot more time to get the new system enacted and then onto food labels.  Introduced in the House of Representatives on May 19, 2016, the Food Date Labeling Act of 2016 is just getting started on the road to becoming U.S.

What/Where/When to Eat Or Not Eat

No, we're not covering the totality of the title topic, only a few  interesting  pieces of information that we've found online recently.  We assume readers of Shelf Life Advice are educated about food and already know that raw milk, raw sprouts

New Variations of Old Favorites; Foods That Improve Medical Conditions

Peanut ButterWhen you're deciding what to eat now or soon--in a restaurant or in the supermarket--what influences your decision?  Besides a bargain price, you may be yearning for great taste, a novel gustatory experience, food that's considered healthful, or something recommended to decrease an annoying or dangerous symptom.

The Health Risk of Hot Beverages

In recent years, the health benefits of drinking coffee and tea have been well publicized. But now comes bad news for those that like these beverages really hot.  No, it isn't about a  possible burn from a spill. The warning speaks of  internal injury, specifically to your esophagus if the hot drink you're enjoying is too hot for your tissues to handle. 



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