Milk, Special Types

Everyone has heard of pasteurization, the life-saving process used to heat milk (and many other products) to a temperature high enough to kill harmful microorganisms.  But have you ever heard of ultra-pasteurization?  That’s a newer process involving higher temperatures than  standard pasteurization, developed for the purpose of keeping milk fresh longer.  You’ve probably drunk ultra-pasteurized milk since it’s often put into single-serve milk cartons as well as flavored and lactose-free larger cartons. 


When ultra-pasteurized milk is processed in sterile equipment and put into sterile containers, an unopened carton can last as long as a year--without refrigeration!

Milk, Special Types Shelf Life
Evaporated Milk, unopened*12-23 months- -
Dry Milk, opened- -8-20 days
Dry Milk, unopened*12-23 months- -
Condensed Milk, opened- -8-20 days
Condensed Milk, unopened*12-23 months- -
Buttermilk- -2 weeks
Evaporated Milk, opened- -8-20 days
Handling Tips: 
* Refrigerate after opening
Boyer, Renee, and Julie McKinney. "Food Storage Guidelines for Consumers." Virginia Cooperative Extension (2009): n. pag. Web. 7 Dec 2009.

Evaporated mile 12-23 months.  How do I know how long it's been on the store shelves.  I purchased an 8 pack in October of 2012 that has a Feb. 2013 date.  Do I go 12-23 months from the dated expiration date?


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