How do summer squash and winter squash differ?

Winter squash--also known as hard squash--comes in round, elongated, scalloped, and pear- shaped varieties with flesh that ranges from golden-yellow to brilliant orange. Most winter squashes, including acorn, butternut, and buttercup varieties, are vine plants whose fruits are harvested when fully mature. They take longer to mature than summer squash--3 months or more--and are best harvested once the cool weather of fall sets in. Winter squash can be stored for a month or more in a cool basement--hence the name winter squash.

Unlike winter squash, summer squash can be eaten rind, seeds, and all. Varieties differ in size, shape, and color, but they can be used interchangeably in recipes. Zucchini is a particularly popular summer squash.

Winter squashes require a longer cooking time than summer squashes.


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