Soft Cheese

Brie cheeseSoft cheeses--such as brie, camembert, cottage, and ricotta--impart a mild flavor and creamy texture that consumers find difficult to resist. In fact, they've been eating it for more than 1,000 years. Soft cheeses also contain high concentrations of essential nutrients, including protein and calcium. Due to their high calcium content, soft cheeses may help reduce the risk for osteoporosis.  But be careful.   These healthy, delicious cheeses can also become dangerous to eat.
The soft cheese category also includes feta, ricotta salata (a sheep's milk cheese), manouri (a sheep and goat's milk cheese), and many other types.  Cream cheese and Neufchatel are also soft cheeses.  You'll find information on cream cheese under a separate "Related Products" link on this page.  
Soft Cheese Shelf Life
Brie1 week6 months
Handling Tips: 
If part of the soft cheese gets moldy, discard the entire piece or container.
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