Ever been to a party with no nuts, chips, or popcorn? Unlikely. As appetizers and between-meal snacks, these products are a basic part of our culinary culture. However, with an obesity epidemic in full swing and getting worse in the U.S., adults and children are being urged by nutritionists to cut back on the ever-present munchies and snack on more nutritious and lower-calorie foods (such as fresh fruit and raw vegetables) at least some of the time. The goal is to decrease consumption of foods high in sugar, fat, and salt. Getting the family used to unsalted nuts and low-fat popcorn and chips would be a step in the right direction. What else can parents do to keep kids from developing bad snacking habits and becoming obese? A Purdue University nutrition specialist gives parents the following advice: 1) Don’t encourage snacking while watching TV. 2) Don’t use food to bribe children to behave. 3) Don’t keep candy, chips, and soft drinks in plain sight and within easy reach of the kids. 4) Don’t encourage children to have a snack as a form of recreation. Eating shouldn’t be something to do to fill up time if the stomach is already full.

Snack foods that contain oil can become rancid, especially if stored at high temperatures for awhile.  Sniff to check for rancidity, and, if they smell bad, throw them out.

Types of Munchies


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