Introducing Our Advisory Board Scientists

Dr. Karin Allen, a Food Scientist We’re Glad to Have Aboard Our Board

Karin AllenQuestion: What’s the difference between chemistry and food science? 


Answer: In chemistry, you don’t lick the spoon.” 


This message hangs in Dr. Allen’s office, and it truly belongs there since this valuable member of our site’s Advisory Board started her college career as a chemistry major and later switched to the field of food science.  That change was not a big leap; food science, after all, is just one example of chemistry in action.

Joe Regenstein:
A Scientist in Perpetual Motion

RegensteinShelf Life Advice has an Advisory Board of five scientists who help us create accurate content to guide you in the supermarket and the kitchen.   We have been gradually introducing our readers to each of our board members. This month our featured advisor is Dr. Joe Regenstein, whose academic career has many interesting facets.


A self-admitted workaholic, food scientist Dr. Joe Regenstein is one very busy guy.  As a member of this site’s Advisory Board, he has provided valuable information for many of our articles.  But that’s just one of a great many hats he wears.  He teaches, writes scientific articles, does research on fish and poultry, and travels extensively to lecture about his areas of expertise.

Scientist Travels to Tajikistan to Help Farmers

Tim Bowser Are plastics really the key to a successful future, as a young Dustin Hoffman was advised in The Graduate?The following story has one answer.


Dr. Timothy Bowser volunteered and was selected to spend part of his summer in Tajikistan (in Central Asia) advising small business farmers  and helping them find solutions to some of  their operational problems.  His work there became a win-win situation.

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