Condiments, Herbs and Spices, Spreads

Condiments, Herb & Spices, Spreads shelf lifeAlthough condiments, and herbs and spices, and spreads collectively cast a wide net, the objective is generally the same: to complement, enhance or add flavor to a food or dish. The growing popularity of Thai, Vietnamese and Indian cuisine has provided U.S. cooks and restaurant visitors with an even greater array of pastes, spices and sauces than they enjoyed before.  However,  none is as ubiquitous--and perhaps as American--as ketchup and mustard.
Ketchup is a uniquely American creation. While Great Britain toyed with versions that included vinegar, an American developed a recipe that incorporated tomatoes and published it in an American cookbook in 1801.

Types of Condiments, Herbs and Spices, Spreads

how long does all kinds of bottled mustard last when opened and refrigerated?

Can you eat Ketchup after the best by 12-25-09 not opened

Here is an answer from Karin Allen, PhD, one of our Advisory Board members: 

"It will have definitely deteriorated in quality, so why risk it?"


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