Does exposure to aluminum cause Alzheimer’s disease?

One study reported larger than average amounts of aluminum in the brain tissue of some Alzheimer’s patients, leading to a wave of concern about this.  However, aluminum has also been found in the brain tissue of people who did not have Alzheimer’s. The matter has been extensively researched, and no connection has ever been found.   According to a Utah State University website, “In experimental animals fed large doses of aluminum, no toxic effects were shown.  There is very little absorbed from the intestine no matter the amount consumed.  No toxic effects have been shown in humans.”


However, if you’re still concerned about aluminum, you can decrease contact with it.  Note that it is present in aluminum cans, aluminum cookware, aluminum foil, some antacids, and most antiperspirants. 




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Health Central OurAlzeimer’ “Can Exposure to Aluminum cause Alzheimer’s?”


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