The desire for fresher soups has led to the development of new processing procedures and packaging formats that eliminate the need for salt and other preservatives. Many such soups are sold in special high-barrier pouches that allow soup to keep for up to 10 months on pantry shelves. Other soups require refrigeration but enjoy a similar shelf life. While impressive, these storage times can't compare to the 1-2 year shelf life of conventional, canned soups. 
For shelf life information on other types of prepared foods, click the links below:
Soup Shelf Life
Vegetable Soup, homemade- -3-4 days3 months
Canned Soup1-2 years- -- -
Boyer, Renee, and Julie McKinney. "Food Storage Guidelines for Consumers." Virginia Cooperative Extension (2009): n. pag. Web. 7 Dec 2009.

Is the one to two yr shelf life listed for canned soup after the stamped date?

No, it is within that time period. Thanks for your question!


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