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New Refrigerator Designs May Keep Perishables Alive Longer; Shelf-Stable Products Need the Right Care, Too

Proper handling of foods--both perishables and shelf-stable ones--will give your food a few extra days or even weeks or months of freshness.  Shelf Life Advice is full of advice on proper wrapping and storage of hundreds of edibles.

Kapowsin Meats Recalls Pork Product Due To Possible Salmonella Contamination

Food Recall

Planning to barbecue a whole hog this Labor Day weekend?  Then the following government news release may interest you.  It concludes with tips on how to be sure your barbecued pork is safe for your guests to consume. If you live in Washington or Alaska and have purchased pork to barbecue, pay special attention to the numbers that identify the recalled products.

Millions of Pounds of Breaded Frozen Raw Chicken Products Recalled!

Food Recall

Three companies--Barber Foods, Aspen Foods, and  Murry, Inc.--have recalled almost  4 million pounds of chicken nuggets and chicken Kiev-type products due to the discovery of  bacterial contamination.  There have been cases of foodborne illness associated with at least 2 of these recalls, so be sure that none of these products are lurking in your freezer.  Information to help you identify the recalled items is provided below.

Where are we spending our food dollars? Why are we skipping dessert? What stores are tempting us with junk food?

people dining"Let's eat out," we suggest to one another more and more frequently these days.  But when we do dine away from home, we're may skip dessert. No, it's not because we're counting calories. Sugary treats may not be offered to us at the restaurant, but they're staring us in the face at store check-out counters.  Let's look into the details on all these matters which have been in the news recently.

Latest Info on Rice and Matcha Tea

riceRice has been in the news recently--and this time it's not bad news about arsenic in rice; it's good (or at least interesting) news about a way to reduce the calories in the product. Here's something else that's a perfect accompaniment to your Asian meal--matcha tea.  Never heard of it? In Japan, it's been popular for more than a millennium; it's also become a contemporary trend, especially in the American West. Read on for details about both of these products.

Powdered alcohol: You don't need to drink it straight

powdered alcoholYou may not jump for joy at the news that powdered alcohol has been federally approved for sale in the U.S. by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).  But you may enjoy following the dispute between those who have been campaigning to ban this product they consider dangerous and those that value freedom and the right to imbibe above all.

Ground Beef Served Cupcake Size and Super-Size

cupcake, meat base, angel hair toppingCupcakes are sweet--that is, unless they have a meatloaf or ground turkey base and mashed potato or angel hair pasta topping. Such savory novelties are sold at the Meatloaf Bakery on Clark Street in Chicago, but  they can be mailed anywhere in the continental U.S.

Sabra Dipping Company Issues Nationwide Voluntary Recall of Select SKUs of Its Classic Hummus

food recallNote:  The FDA posted the following recall prepared by the Sabra Dipping Company.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — April 8, 2015 — Colonial Heights, VA — Today Sabra Dipping Co., LLC announced that it is voluntarily recalling approximately 30,000 cases [360,000 containers] of its Classic Hummus due to possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes. This measure is limited to five SKUs of Classic Hummus sold nationwide.  To date, no other Sabra product is affected by this recall.

Is GM food safe or not? Scientists and the public don't see aye to aye.

GM Food LabelI'm not apologizing for the pun in the title, but it does require this explanation: 2 related surveys conducted by the Pew Research Center found that, while an overwhelming majority of scientists consider food containing genetically modified ingredients to be generally safe to eat, more than half of the general adult American population considers it generally unsafe.  The gap between the scientists and the public, the Chicago Tribune, points out, is 51 percentage points! Let's take a closer look at these 2 surveys and what they reveal about American attitudes toward GM foods and towards science in general.


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