New Invention Detects Sour Milk

Electronic milk jugIf you don’t trust your nose or your taste buds, there’s a new product being developed that will tell you when your milk has gone sour.  It’s the Cravendale milk jug, and here’s how it works:  A sensor built into the base measures the acidity of the milk.  The sensor is linked to an LCD screen on the side of the jug, and it gives you a message  “Fresh”  or “Sour.”  In addition, an alarm system alerts you when the milk sours. 

The Cravendale milk jug was developed by designer Oliver Newberry with the Research and Development team of Cravendale, a major UK dairy.  Representatives from the company say that Brits throw away a massive amount of milk, partly because of uncertainty about its quality and safety.   This discarded “lake” of milk, in addition to wasting the money of consumers,  is a creator of  carbon dioxide emissions that are harmful to the environment.

Where can you get a Cravendale milk jug?  Nowhere at the moment.  It’s still in the research and development stages.  But keep a close eye on the Cravendale website, and you  could be the first person in your neighborhood to own this high-tech milk jug.

Final comment:  Isn’t it commendable that a company in the business of selling milk would be discouraging consumers from wasting it and then buying more? 


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