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Are Your Kids Home Alone after School?
Educate Them about Snacking

Chips Snacks have become our fourth meal.  A new study conducted at Purdue University revealed that, on average, Americans consume about 580 calories a day in the combined items they eat between meals.  As you might suspect, snacking has greatly accelerated in recent years.  Combine these facts with this one: more than 15 million school-aged children are home alone after school.  Now, what have you got?  An opportunity for nutritionless eating and injury.

Want to get some/all of your protein from plants? We'll tell you what's tasty

Morning Star Sausage LinksAt the  Institute of Food Technologists' 2013 convention and food expo, I drank a smoothie laced with powdered chicken. Ancient grains high in protein--for example, amaranth, millet, quinoa, sorghum, and teff --were used in recipes I  sampled, as were peanut flours with 40-50% protein.  At one of the scientific sessions, this question  was discussed: "Will protein be the next big thing?"

Ten Exotic Fruits: Novel Treats to Drink and Eat

Buddha's HandEver eaten a  Buddha's hand? No?  How about a custard apple, rambutan, yumberry, or dragon fruit?  These are  just a few among many strange-looking but tasty exotic fruits. Though not as bizarre (or cruel) as the people-eating plant in the musical Little Shop of Horrors, they are about as odd as their names imply.  Some are beautiful and some as ugly as ugli-fruit (a grapefruit hybrid). Read on to see photos of ten obscure exotic fruits, learn more about these products, and find out where they can be purchased.

Our Board Scientists Talk about 2015 Food Trends

Smoky flavor sandwichesIn January, articles about food trends are--well--trendy.  We're hearing about continuing trends from 2014, variations of past trends, and totally new trends.  What we'll be eating in restaurants and at home will adopt some interesting new twists.  There's so much to say about this topic that Shelf Life Advice will do 2 articles on the subject.  This first one contains prognostications from 3 of our Advisory Board scientists.  The second article (scheduled to be on our home page in a few weeks) has info gleaned from the news media. Most of their predictions originate with celebrity chefs, food manufacturers, and processors.

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