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Top Restaurants Worldwide Are Dishing Out the “Dirt”

Edible DirtIt’s too soon to tell whether it’s a fad or a trend,  but  edible “dirt” is proudly being served in many  fine restaurants including Manhattan’s Gilt, San Francisco’s Marlowe,  Copenhagen’s Noma, and Tel Aviv’s Shakuf.  The “dirt” says Time,  varies in consistency:  “Some resemble ash, others sand or soil.

Guess what? New Technology Could Replace “Use-by” Dates on Foods

Milk Shelf LifeNow here’s a truly excellent idea.  It’s an intelligent invention that could help solve two related problems:  1) Shelf life dates on products are generally too conservative, causing people to discard perfectly good food, thereby wasting money most can ill afford to throw away.   2) In many countries, there is an enormous amount of wasted food, though elsewhere people are starving.   To the rescue comes the shelf life indicator, a product being developed by TimeTemp. a Norwegian technology company. This product will do just what the name suggests—give stores and consumers  accurate information about the freshness of food and how close each product is to expiration.

Major New Recall: Similac Powder Infant Formula

food recallCertainly, no food contamination recall is scarier to parents than one involving baby formula.  Thankfully, no illnesses have yet been reported in connection with this Sept. 22 massive Similac recall, and, according to the FDA, the contaminated product poses “no immediate health risk.” Despite these reassurances, the cause of the recall sounds “yucky” enough to make parents with powdered Similac on their shelves rush to find out if what they’ve purchased might be contaminated.

New Recall - Deli Meat and Ground Beef

RecallGot any deli meat sandwiches in your fridge or ground beef in your freezer?  Then check out the brands and code dates on these  recalled products to see if what’s in your house might be contaminated.

Produce and Pesticides: Must They Always Go Together?

ProducePerhaps you’re concerned about consuming pesticides along with your produce.  But perhaps you find that buying produce only if it’s labeled organic is too expensive and inconvenient.  What to do? Simple, many sources will tell you: buy organic when the produce you want is high in pesticides and save money by buying conventionally grown produce when the item is low in pesticides.  “Fine,” you reply, “but how do I know which is which?”  Easy.  Consult  “EGW’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides.”

Eggs: Why the Recall; How to Handle Eggs Safely

Food recallHard to believe the humble, ordinary little egg could become such big news.  But August 13 was the start date of a nationwide recall involving more than 550 million shell eggs (out of a national production of some 90 billion). The recall has involved at least 14 states and has caused the illness of about 1,500 people.  (That number is expected to increase as August figures come in.)

Your Favorite Snacks May Improve Health

Blueberries and chocolateIf it has seemed to you that the most delicious edibles are the least healthy, it’s time to put  that thought aside. The health benefits of nuts, chocolate, and blueberries  have been known for awhile, but new studies add further evidence that these ever-popular snack foods can improve the circulatory system and  lengthen life. 



Raw Alfalfa Sprouts Recalled---AGAIN

SproutsAn important reminder: if you’re eating raw alfalfa sprouts, you’re risking food-borne illness.

Salsa and Guacamole: You CAN Dip without Much Risk

Salsa and GuacamoleYou may have read about salsa and guacamole being frequent sources of food-borne  illness in any number of newspapers—the L.A. Times, U.S.A. Today, the Chicago Tribune, and others.  But this announcement doesn’t mean you need to give up eating and serving  what may be your favorite dips.  There are precautions  you can take that greatly reduce the  chances of  consuming contaminated versions of these popular appetizers.

Food That Affects Mood

Kids Eating Strawberries and ChocolateStudies show that what you eat affects not just your belt size, health, and longevity, but also your mood and thinking processes—for better or worse.


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