Turkey Quiz For Your Holiday Dinner

Thanksgiving TurkeyEvery family party needs a game, right? It distracts the relatives from arguing—or gives them something to argue about. What follows is a short quiz to get them all talking turkey. Those who follow the news may know some answers because turkeys are celebrities this month. Give each guest/pair or team a copy of this quiz (without the answers!) and a pencil, and let them go at it.



1. There are ________ turkeys in the U.S. now.

     a. 85 million     b. 126 million   c. 242 million



2. How many turkeys will wind up on American Thanksgiving tables?  ______

    a. 45 million     b. 60 million     c. 85 million



3. Compared to Thanksgiving, how many Americans will eat turkey on Xmas Day?  _____

    a. about the same number as on Thanksgiving     b. about half as many    c. about ¼ as many



4. This year, the per-pound price for turkey is  ________

    a. 97¢ - $1.03        b. $1.15-1.35        c. $1.25 - $1.40



5. Turkey prices this year are _____ last year.

     a. lower than          b. about  the same as        c. higher than




Answers:  1. c   2. a   3. b   4. a  5. c


Source of statistics:


The  Chicago Tribune  “Talking Turkey: Fewer birds—higher prices” by Bill Daley




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