Should I refrigerate or freeze hard liquor?

You CAN, which doesn't necessarily mean you SHOULD. There is a freezing point for these products, but it is much lower than your freezer could ever reach, so you can rest assured that your liquor in the freezer will not freeze. Whether or not this is ideal, however, is really a matter of taste. The folks at Bacardi, for example, do not recommend the refrigerator or freezer for storing their rums. As for the others, it's purely a matter of taste. Vodka seems to be the most commonly freezer-stored of these products, but consider this authoritative-sounding and rather adamant response on Yahoo Answers: "As to the clear stuff, the temptation is to refrigerate or even freeze these drinks. Don't do it! Both gin and vodka are meant to have some water mixed with them. Usually this comes in the form of melted ice. If you have really cold alcohol and pour it over ice it won't melt it sufficiently to add the water…"
Then again, some people prefer NOT to have their drink watered down by melted ice (even further research on Yahoo Answers finds completely opposing views on the topic), so it all goes back to one's personal preferences. The point is, there is no evidence of any health risks at all with regard to duration or place of storage of these liquors. Only taste risks.
"How Do I Store Open Liquor?" - Yahoo Answers


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