How should frozen entrées be handled and stored?

Do not select select entrées until you are ready to check out to avoid partial thawing during transport.
Freeze them as soon as you arrive home at a temperature of 0°F or lower, and keep them that way until you intend to eat them.
If the entrée is allowed to partially thaw, ice crystals may form on the entrée once it refreezes. Partially thawed entrées also may prompt bacterial growth. Freezing the entrée will prevent bacterial growth but it won't kill the bacteria. It's worth noting that some frozen entrées don't contain preservatives because freezing prevents spoilage. If preservative-free entrées partially thaw, they may be subject to a greater rate of bacterial growth.
Do not refreeze frozen dinners. Thawed frozen dinners should be cooked immediately if they are still cold. If not, discard them.
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