How long does freezer jam last?

In its frozen state, freezer jam will last almost indefinitely (at least a year), but, like other high-water products, over time the water “crystallizes out” of the mixture.  When this happens, the jam loses its smooth texture and the flavor will begin to deteriorate. Maintaining the freezer at a constant temperature is the best way to maintain frozen storage life. 

When you’re ready to use it, defrost the freezer jam in the refrigerator and  store it there. It will retain good quality for 3-4 weeks once defrosted.  It is subject to more “weeping” (separation of liquid from the gel) than cooked jams and jellies because it hasn’t been cooked to drive off the excess liquid in the fruit. Immediately after thawing, the fruit is still firm, but after a period of time it loses its firm texture.  Also, because it doesn’t usually have the high concentration of sugar that cooked jams have, which makes the water somewhat unavailable to microorganisms, it is more likely to develop mold if refrigerated for longer periods of time.


Susan Brewer, Ph.D., University of Illinois, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition


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