Can corn on the cob be frozen?

Yes. In fact, corn keeps well when it is frozen. Before freezing an ear, shuck it, remove its silks and trim its ends, wash, and then blanch it. To blanch the corn, place several ears into boiling water. Keep in mind that blanching time begins once the water returns to a boil. Blanch small ears for 7 minutes, medium-size ears for 9 minutes, and large ears for 11 minutes. After blanching, chill the corn thoroughly in iced water until the cob cools. A good rule of thumb is to cool the corn for as long as you blanched it. Drain the water and wrap each ear in separate freezer film or foil. Freeze at 0 degrees F or lower.
Alternatively, you may wish to cut the corn from the cob prior to freezing. To do so, hold the narrow end of an ear of corn, placing the wider end on a large platter. Cut a strip of kernels by moving the knife toward the platter. Place the kernels in freezer bags. Rather than stack them, place the bags side by side to promote faster cooling. Likewise, leave ample space among the bags so that cold air will circulate more freely among them.
Utah State University "Corn" "How to Freeze Corn"



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