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Why You Need a Safe Cooking Temperature Chart and How to Get One Right Now

Food ThermometerCooking a hot dinner tonight?  Then take out your food thermometer and your list of minimum safe temperatures for various foods.  What?!  You don’t possess either of these items?  No problem.  Just click here, and Shelf Life Advice will happily and promptly get our site’s temperature chart to you.  Sorry, we can’t email you a thermometer, but your local supermarket or home products stores will, no doubt, have it in stock.

How to Keep Recalled Foods off Store Shelves and Your Shelves

food recallIt’s a problem well-known by food safety experts but not common knowledge among other consumers: According to the Chicago Tribune, food recalls “routinely fail to recover all of the products they seek and, according to experts, sometimes even leave tainted food in stores, putting consumers at risk of becoming ill from potentially deadly food-borne pathogens.”


The article gives statistics to back up its claim.  In 2009, for example, of 59 USDA recalls in which the amount of recalled food sought and the amount actually recovered as known, only 3 recovered all of the product identified as possibly contaminated.  Here’s another example from the same year: out of 460,000 lbs. of ground beef recalled by a Denver processor, only 119,000 were actually recovered.

Recent Recalls: Salmonella Threatens 100s of Products

Deli Meat SandwichSalmonella in Daniele International’s  Italian-style deli meats has caused 252 cases of food-borne illness in 44 states and the District of Columbia. The CDC has traced the cause of illness to the red and black pepper used in manufacturing the meats.  For a list of specific products recalled by Daniele International, Inc., by February 18, 2010, click here.

“Is It Spoiled?” When in Doubt, Check It Out

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