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Nine FAQs about Food Labels

Food Label“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” we’ve been advised since childhood.  But how about judging a food by its label? Food labels are cluttered with information, in both big print and small, intended to both inform you and entice you to buy. Some of it is accurate, complete, and useful; some may, at times, be incorrect, misleading, and even deliberately deceptive.  Does the government make any effort to keep labels honest?  Is the nutritional information correct? In the Q/As below, two scientists on our Advisory Board and many other reliable sources provide answers to some key questions.

Some Shelf Life Info, General and Specific (Spirits, Defrosted Veggies, Green Tea, and More)

LiquorBecause the name of our website is Shelf Life Advice, we get a lot of questions asking for--you guessed it—shelf life advice. Below is some general information about shelf life and expiration dates, followed by answers to questions about the shelf life of specific products visitors to our site have asked about.

Is Chocolate Good For You?

girl eating chocolateTime was, the only defense for eating chocolate was that, momentarily at least, it made us ecstatically happy. As it melted over our taste buds, the brain registered sheer joy and the thrill of being royally indulged. Now we know why chocolate creates all these pleasant emotions.

Food Fraud: Are you paying for scallops and getting shark meat?

Food FraudDoes what’s in the package match what’s on the package?  Not always.  How often are consumers deceived and cheated by food manufacturers?  Estimates say that 5-10% of the products on sale contain fraudulent claims.  Now  the food industry is urging federal regulators to do more to combat this deception.  The FDA, the  agency with the major responsibility for making sure that foods are labeled correctly, has been preoccupied with food contamination and unable to give food fraud the attention it needs.

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